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SALE: Further Ado, by Donna Sytek

SALE: Further Ado, by Donna Sytek

Further Ado, Practical Protocol for New Hampshire: A Non-Partisan Guide to Political Etiquette, by Donna Sytek, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House. 
On sale now. Buy several for the office, your organization ... $4.00
What is the right way to show respect for public officials in New Hampshire?
In the course of attending hundreds of events where a public official was a speaker or guest, Donna Sytek noticed that the sponsoring organizations often had little or no idea of the protocol for handling their official guests.
Now the former Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives has written "the book" on how to invite, welcome, write and lobby public officials in the Granite State.
She adds:
"By the way, when introducing a person or event, never never say, 'Without further ado.' Besides being a hackneyed expression, it disrespectfully characterizes all that preceded it as mere fluff. Strike that phrase from your vocabulary."
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