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Ron Roy


Ron Roy grew up in Berlin, N.H., in the Sixties.  The Brown Company, the paper mill, had always been the largest employer in the area, and the town was solidly working class.  Although Ron went to college and lived away from Berlin for thirty years, he has never lost those values.

After graduating with a BA in Literature, he worked for a short time in "The Company" and has spent most of his working life in the health care industry.  He has drawn from those experiences for his writing.  He has always been fascinated by the relationships formed by co-workers -- bonds that can be a necessary evil or transcend friendship.  Those are at the heart of “Passing Time” and “Harsh Magic”.

Ron returned to Berlin in 2007.  Dallas, Texas, was the last stop on his journey.  He’d always wanted to live in a major metropolitan area but twenty years was long enough.  He was happy to return to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.

He spent one year focusing on his writing and another eighteen months working part-time as a car delivery driver and traffic flagger before returning to health care at Androscoggin Valley Hospital as a processing technician.

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