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Roads Less Traveled, by John Walters

Roads Less Traveled, by John Walters

"Roads Less Traveled: Visionary New England Lives," by John Walters.
In the course of his work as a writer and radio personality, John Walters has interviewed some of the most extraordinary people in New Hampshire and Vermont. For this book, he has written extended profiles of some of his very favorite people.
Walters, creator and former host of New Hampshire Public Radio's "The Front Porch," writes on the breadth and richness of human experience, and the indomitability of the human spirit.
Bob McQuillen: Mr. Mac,
David Krempels: At the end of a nightmare,
Kate Phillips: Indomitable,
Will Ackerman, Six-string explorer,
Courtney House: "I can still hear his heart beat,"
Roger Payne and Lisa Harrow: Song of the whales,
Mighty Sam McClain: "The joy inside my tears,"
Beatrice Trum Hunter: The venerable crackpot,
Kim Christiansen: "The Gutenberg of Braille,"
Father Gregory Tregubov and Grigory Likhter: Two roads converged,
Betty Johnson: The unsinkable Betty Johnson,
Dudley Giberson: Art, science, technology, alchemy,
Renny Cushing and Kristie Conrad: "I'm not gonna get run out,"
Betty Laurer: Survivor,
Eric O'Leary: A potter's dream,
Jane Bernhardt: Called back to the heart,
Chris Calvin: The hardest-working man in White River,
Scott Nehring: A well-honed life,
Larry Polansky and Jody Diamond: The music makers,
Linn Harwell: Never again,
Rick and Melissa Ayotte: A nice little family business,
Karen Kelly: A rocket for peace,
Bruce Cronin and Babe Sargent: The legend of Bruce and Babe: two guys, two movies, and an unusual sort of fame,
Townsend Howe: Workingman's art.
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