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Rebecca Rule: Moved and Seconded

Rebecca Rule: Moved and Seconded

Purchase of this book will include a free copy of Donna Sytek's "Further Ado: Practical Protocol for New Hampshire. A non-partisan guide to political etiquette."

Moved and Seconded: Town Meeting in New Hampshire, the Present, the Past, and the Future, by Rebecca Rule

Town Meeting is a sacred institution in New Hampshire. It has rituals, traditions, and a unique history. Town meeting is democracy in its purest form. For three years, noted New Hampshire author Rebecca Rule has been gathering stories, attending town meetings and writing this book. She has crafted an instant New Hampshire classic. You’ll meet the
characters who keep the drama cracking, from silent knitters to rabble-rousers, from deep-rooted hoary historians to transplants, from across-the-board cutters to homesunt philosophers. You’ll dip into the literature — poems, novels, short stories and essays — some by famous writers and some by writers who may be new to you. You’ll sample the legendary dry humor as well as the down-home wisdom, which inspires well beyond the walls of the Olde Meeting House.

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