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Love Free or Die

Love Free or Die

Love Free or Die: Straight to the Heart of the Granite State, edited by Elaine Isaak, and fourth in the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction Series.
Twenty-three writers explore all corners of the state and illuminate love from all directions -- Governor Wentworth and Bette Davis, and find love in many unexpected ways and places.
Our 23 writers:
Silvia Beaupre
Annie Boghigian
Timothy Boudreau
Leah Brent
S.J. Cahill
Judi Calhoun
Shana Chantier
Troy Ehlers
Abby Goldsmith
Justine Graykin
James Isaak
Susan E. Kennedy
Norman Klein
Kari Lemor
Melva Michaelian
K.J. Montgomery
David O'Keefe
Robert E. Owen
B.K. Rakhra
Amy Ray
Jessie Salisbury
Michael Samuels
Robin Small.

Their stories infuse romance with danger, history, suspense and the supernatural. Sometimes sweet, sometimes painful, ever fascinating, romance reaches to the heart of the human experience.
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