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Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire

Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire

Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire, by Marianne O'Connor.
Explore the haunts of hikers gone by and see for yourself whether these ghost tales are fact or fiction.
Haunted Hikes provides storied history and fanciful legend within the trails of New Hampshire's White Mountains and beyond.
Hikes are rated according to difficulty and spookiness with something for every member of the family. Book covers a brisk walk to the tombstone of Ichabod Crain in Surry to a fierce three-hour trek to a downed bomber plane in North Woodstock.
Book includes hike and map legends.
Ghost towns of Monson Center and Indian Arrowhead Forest,
Madame Sherri: Haunted Castle hike in West Chesterfield,
Black history on the mountains: Coit Mt., Newport, and Mt. Caesar,
Indian Head and the UFO,
Temple's sitting spirits,
Devil's Den: Chasing Satan,
Haunted huts on the highest peaks,
Sasquatch of Ossipee,
Chief Chocorua and a legendary mountain curse,
Cursed Rangers, Mt. Adams
Lost love and last journey of Nancy Barton,
Mt. Waternomee's bomber plane, a crash that altered fate,
Keeper of the stray ladies,
Willey Family tragedy and a visit from beyond the grave.
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