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A Last Resort, by Mark Okrant

A Last Resort, by Mark Okrant

The man in the fedora is a professor at a small New Hampshire university. Once a crime reporter, Kary Turnell has a knack for bumping into trouble. His specialty is solving murders at historic resort hotels.
"A Last Resort" finds Kary prowling the halls and secret hideaways at The Grand Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, in the northern reaches of the Granite State. When one guest, a love-starved housewife, is missing, the general manager calls in his old friend Kary to find the wayward guest and be discreet about it.
In Mark Okrant's mysteries, Kary Turnell sleuths about in famous hotels and other resort properties. Okrant painstakingly researches the hotels and locales, spending time as a guest: dining, interviewing staff, walking the corridors, and finding the secret places where evil might lurk.
Author Mark Okrant is a professor of tourism management at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. He has been an active tourism researcher since the 1970s, and is past president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association. He is author of six books, including the Kary Turnell mysteries.
"Murder at the Grands" features two New Hampshire murder mysteries -- one at the Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, the other at the Mountain Grand View Resort in Whitefield.

uest, and be discreet about it.
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