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Robert Frost's New England

Robert Frost's New England

Robert Frost's New England, by Betsy and Tom Melvin, with foreward by Jay Parini.
From Parini's foreward: "Image and after-image are all there is to poetry, Robert Frost once said. The comment suggests that he would have appreciated this gaterhing of photographs by Betsy and Tom Melvin. They have caught, as if seizedby a parallel force, the imagery of Frost's rural New England, a landscape that exists more completely in the imagination of the poet or photographer than anwhere that could found on a map...As anyone leafing through this volume will notice, Frost's vision inspired the Melvins, who have a gift for prizing and delimiting the ideal image, whether it be a leafless tree against a bare sky, a sloping dune of snow, a field of wildflowers, or a pathless wood.
These photographs are a testament to the artists' power of delimiting; that is, the artists have found their proper subject, the image, separating each pictorial unit from the surrounding visual clutter.
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