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Live Free or Sci-Fi: N.H. Pulp Fiction #3

Live Free or Sci-Fi: N.H. Pulp Fiction #3

Third in the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series edited by Rick Broussard. 
Stories by:
Henry Brasater, Lancaster, Pa.
S.J. Cahill, East Burke, Vt.
Tincan Caldwell,
Chris Dahlen, Portsmouth
Michael DeLuca,Clawson, Mich.
Jeffrey DeRego, Derry
Brian Dixon, Bolton, Conn.
Brendan DuBois, Exeter
Elaine Isaak Bedford
Geoffrey James, Hollis
James Patrick Kelly, Nottingham
Rebecca Leeb, Belmont, Mass.
Sandra McDonald, Jacksonville, Fla.
Gregory Norris, Berlin
Susan Nye, New London
David O'Keefe, Nashua
Liz Penney, Athens, Ga.
Eric Pinder, Berlin
Suzanne Sykora, Hanover, Germany
Joyce Wagner, Orange
Clay Wirestone, Concord
Nathan Wyckoff, Northwood

New Hampshire is a serene state, famous for safe cities, predictable changes of season and independent, no-nonsense citizens. It's the kind of place where people actually get together on a cool summer evening around the town gazebo to hear a local brass band. But stroll out to the darkness on the edge of the park and you might hear a distant humming. And what's that shimmering light hovering over the tree line, changing shape and drawing closer?

Twenty-three writers offer close encounters with the unknown, glimpses into a dimension of space, time and mind where anything is possible and nothing is quite what you expect.

Live Free or Undead was first in the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series, followed by Live Free or Die, Die, Die.

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