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Kevin: Last Invisible Vermonter by Steve Delaney

Kevin: Last Invisible Vermonter by Steve Delaney

Who is Kevin Beaujolais? Some of the people in Nilesburgh, Vermont, know a bit about him … but they don’t know everything. Newcomers know nothing. Kevin keeps to himself, works hard for the townspeople and hunters, and is somewhat of a Robin Hood figure. But he is a mystery man — even where he lives in town is a mystery. How, in this day and time, can a fellow like Kevin Beaujolais live with us, work with us and … not exist? 

Kevin is one of the most vivid characters ever to bubble up from the deep well of Vermont fiction. His struggle between the fears that drive him to hide from bureaucracy and the love that tugs him toward the alluring Maureen drives this tale of romance and mischief … and mayhem.

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