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Finulla, by Steve Delaney

Finulla, by Steve Delaney

This is how it ends in the Kingdom.

Finulla is the climax to the Nilesburgh Chronicles, Steve Delaney's trilogy set in the imaginery Vermont town of Nilesburgh. (You can't find it on a map, but you can get there from a bookstore.) ​

The series introduces Cooney (book 1) Jacobs, a fatherless boy trying to become a country cop. He's good at his job, not so good at managing his relationships. Can he ever find a women who will stay in his life?

Cooney's best friend is Kevin (book 2) Beaujolais, a socially inept handyman trying to get by in a world where non-readers don't thrive. So what is he to make of Maureen, an alluring widow from a very different world?

Their interlocking stories form the first two books of the trilogy featuring murder, mayhem, mystery and a little magic.

And Finulla supplies the magic.

She's a misplaced Irish water sprite who shouldn't even exist. But don't tell that to the lovers and crooks whose lives she touches.

In Nilesburgh, where vivid Vermont characters flavor vibrant tales, Finulla provides romance, justice and a glimpse into the next generation of sprite-inspired Nilesburgers.
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