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dork. another look at my junk.

dork. another look at my junk.

dork. another look at my junk, my Leon Thompson.
The follow-up collection of newspaper columns by this award-winning Vermont humorist.
Thompson's first book, Good Junk, The Humor Columns of ..., is also available on this site.
From the book:
"Research is what writers conduct when they steal their friends' ideas."
"I knew by the way she blurted my name that she was far from adding it to her Christmas card list."
"My daughter, Sophie, is growing fast. As a newborn, she ate all da, slept all day and sucked her pacifier when she was upset. Now 2 months old, she eats all day, sleeps all day and soothes herself by gawking at expensive clothes in the mall. She's practically a women now, just like her father."
"I should be manly. You know, the guy who watches football al day every Sunday, mows 38 acres of grass with scissors and eats what he kills with his car. I need to spit. Start a war. Stop wearing lingerie--to the office."
dork. and Good Junk are books in Plaidswede's New England Columnist Series.
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