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52 Simple Ways to Health

52 Simple Ways to Health

52 Simple Ways to Health gives you simple and easy strategies developed to help anyone who struggles with excess weight, poor food choices, stress, smoking, other habits and addictions, procrastination, too little time to exercise, or dozens of other challenges that get in the way of leading a healthier and happier life. Learn how to take small (but powerful) steps that are so painless they automatically become part of your everyday routine. 

Find out how to:

• Eat more and still lose weight.

• Stop procrastinating your way to an early grave.

• Live above the emotions and relationships that are bringing you down.

• Reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and put a smile on your face.

• Leave the past behind and move ahead into a brighter, healthier future.

• And generally live your best life, enjoying everything from your career to your friendships more than ever before.

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